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TESTIMONIALS - Locust Town Center

What People Are Saying About Us!

Scott Efird/Mayor of the City of Locust:

"We as a city are very proud of our heritage which dates back to 1869. In 1973 we incorporated and in the year 2007 saw the New Town Center being developed and growing from a meager corner of only one business to multiple streets with restaurants, retail stores, offices, both professional and medical/dental - which now have a new downtown feel. The Town Center is the ultimate stop for those who wish to spend some time in our wonderful community."

Mary Newsom/The Charlotte Observer:

"The Nov. 16 [2008] Citistates Report, in the article "Ring Around Charlotte," praised the town of Locust in Stanly County for its New Urban-style downtown plan of a few years back. But Locust was, in fact, years ahead of many towns in the state in adopting a form-based town code. It adopted its town plan and code in 1996-97, under the guidance of David Walters of the UNC Charlotte College of Architecture."

Bob Barbee/Developer:

"Locust Town Center is a friendly family place, a place for those who are drawn to the charm of a small town and a walkable neighborhood where residents and locals can just hang out and socialize with their friends and neighbors."

Stanly News & Press/Local Newspaper:

"From a recreated business district after expansion of the road to town, to luxurious communities, recreational opportunities and a beautiful countryside, Locust offers up a little something for everyone. Down-home merchants and progressive industries are wedded in Locust and the 'tree continues to grow.'"

Windsor Windows/Supplier:

"This revitalization will create a new community for the town of Locust. The original business district was bulldozed to expand a major highway thoroughfare leading to Charlotte. The design of this community is modeled on villages such as Pinehurst and Davidson in North Carolina. They’ve created a city center that provides a true sense of community."

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company/Planners:

Locust Town Center... "is slated to become a truly mixed-use town, blessed with a diverse program that boasts a wide range of housing types, shops, small offices, and a variety of civic uses. All of these elements together will contribute to making Locust a true community and a vibrant destination for the region."