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Excerpt from InsideStanley.com following the ribbon cutting for the first 46-unit Locust Town Center Apartment Homes, developed by Wynnefield Properties:

“For new resident Anita Mixon, her new apartment is “a prayer answered.”

“I found about the apartments when things were not going well for me,” Mixon told those gathered for the celebration. “I made some calls, said some prayers and all my prayers have been answered.” One of Mixon’s fellow residents, Jennifer Ferris is likewise thrilled with her beautiful new apartment and the opportunity to continue to raising her kids in the Locust area, not somewhere else.

“I’ve lived in the area 10 years and am a single mom with three small children,” Ferris said. “We moved in a couple weeks ago and it is just wonderful that we can stay here.”

Mixon and Ferris are just two of 46 new tenants that have rented the entire 46 apartment units, and done so in just one month.

“When we were planning for the Town Center, we promised you that we would include affordable housing and we have done so,” said Locust Commissioner Terry Whitley, who praised the efforts of Wynnefield Properties, the developers of the Village Apartments. “We did a lot of research before choosing a developer. We’re more than pleased with them. We knew the apartments would be successful only with good management. Wynnefield has delivered more than we expected.”

Craig Stone, president of Wynnefield Properties, called the project’s starting date “not the best of economic times.” But with the help of $5.3 million in federal tax credits; a $960,000 federal 20-year loan at 2 percent interest and a $2.5 million construction loan through Carolina Bank, the project was completed in six months, and as of Thursday, the units were sold out.

“It was projected that it would take two years to fill up the units, but we did so in less than 30 days,” Stone said. The quick sale-out points to the dire need for affordable, quality rental property within the Locust area. Discussions are ongoing between Locust officials and Stone regarding additional developments.

When introducing 8th District Congressman Larry Kissell, Stone called Kissell “a champion for the district” for his efforts in making the project a reality. In turn, Kissell addressed the gathering and called the successful project an example of government at its best.

“I believe government works best when government sets the parameters for people to be successful, then government gets out of the people’s way,” said Kissell, pointing to the new apartment complex. “Local people had an idea, an entrepreneur took the risk, government had capital and said we’ll help you be successful.

“Quality, affordable housing has to be a part of what government does. This is it. This is how government works best.”


Wynnefield Properties
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