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From Crossroads To
"A City With A Soul"

"From a recreated business district after expansion of the road to town, to luxurious communities, recreational opportunities and a beautiful countryside, Locust offers up a little something for everyone. Down-home merchants and progressive industries are wedded in Locust and the "tree continues to grow." -- Stanly News & Press, 2008

The City of Locust was established in western Stanly County in the late 1860s by German, Scotch Irish and English immigrants. The community was known as the "Crossroads" for good reason, as many travelers came through on their way to Cabarrus, Anson and Mecklenburg counties.

A community watering well was dug close to a landmark locust tree that served the citizens of the community, as well as the many travelers and their livestock.

By 1869, the population of "Crossroads" had increased enough to warrant an application for the establishment of a U.S. Post Office. During the town meeting called to decide an official town name, a young girl named Maggie Howell looked out the window at a nearby wooded area where the large locust tree was in full bloom. Beyond the tree were plowed fields of red clay dirt that "stretched out level" along the road to Charlotte. Maggie Howell then suggested "Locust Level," the town's name until 1894, when it was simplified to "Locust."

Even today, the City of Locust serves as the "crossroads" to neighboring metropolitan areas -- Charlotte, Albemarle, Concord and Monroe – but has become an exemplary, thriving small town community, revitalized by the development of the 120-acre Locust Town Center, home to the new 12,000 s.f. City of Locust Government and Civic Center, a Merchant's Center of new businesses, retailers, shops and apartment homes - and plans "on the drawing board" for building new town homes as well as single-family single and two-story residences.

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